The Social Contact Centre

to a social networking way of working through the eyes of a Contact Centre manager


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About Me

I’m a middle-aged contact centre manager who has gone from Luddite/sceptic to Evangelist/enthusiast. School report this term shows

Twitter – A* Enthusiastic member of the class who is always a keen participant

Facebook – D  A novice who has tried hard this term but has a long way to go if he wants to pass his exam

WordPress – B Always tries hard and seems happy in his work. Has overcome the previous challenges with Tumblr

TripAdvisor – B A senior contributor

LinkedIn – B Has put a lot of work in over the last  24 months and is reaping the rewards from his efforts. Now participates in group discussions

Yammer – A Popular with his classmates – he “gets” the crowd

General Studies – C Is experimenting with YouTube, Foursquare, Soundtracking, Waze, GetGlue, Friends Reunited, mturk and Task Rabbit

So much to learn…so little time

About my objective

My objective is to try and build a social contact centre: A multichannel environment which thrives on using social techniques to communicate internally, with stakeholders, and with clients. We will develop product sets which address the needs of social media customers and build processes which are efficient through social networking techniques. I am doing this because I think there is a huge amount of untapped potential, knowledge and new thinking which will create a unique, agile capability. This will involve:

  • Creating an integrated and targeted social media strategy to promote our business,
  • Collaborative and social media tools for internal communication,
  • Social networking techniques to create new and innovative groundswell products which will allow us to be more efficient and flexible,
  • Listening and monitoring tools for social media services and a capability to intervene by a range of channels
  • A cultural shift and the tools to allow a truly collaborative working method with stakeholders and clients

Written by greencontact

January 3, 2012 at 10:18 am

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