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Social recruitment… the universities are doing a good job

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I’ve discussed before the merits of learning from your children: especially in the world of social networking. I recently observed at close quarters another excellent application.

My daughter is shortly off to University. Putting aside my own feelings at seeing her fly the nest, I remember my own university experience. I attended a sixth form college with very little contact with the outside world. I attended a couple of formal university open days, applied to a few and was given an offer based on achieving target grades. I waited until my exam results emerged and, if in doubt, rang the university for confirmation. I filled in some more forms for accommodation and then turned up on day one excited, bewildered and a little nervous.

The road to university is very different these days and much better for it. Along the way to acceptance my daughter has attended summer schools, sat entrance examinations, visited the universities through open days had interview days and corresponded with the academic departments. At each stage she has added Facebook friends and used the online student forums. This meant that as each was waiting to hear results or offers they were able to consult and console with their own support network. It’s much better not hearing anything if you know that no-one else has heard anything either! It also supplies a safety net for asking questions and setting expectations. For the universities this must undoubtedly provide valuable insight into the student experience which can only improve their recruitment in future.

Once she was accepted she was contacted by two students from her university who have been allocated as her college accommodation “parents”. They have introduced themselves and made her feel welcome. She will have two people to meet immediately on arrival who can show her the ropes, ensuring she gets fed and watered but also engaged with the social side from the start – University can be a lonely place for anyone not naturally outgoing. This has taken away a lot of the trepidation and given her something to look forward to and us a lot of peace of mind. She was then contacted by a subject “brother” – someone studying her course who will help her out with the subject – where the lectures are and someone she can ask about the workload. She has also been in touch with a group of other people who have now been accepted onto her course or her accommodation who are sharing the same experiences.

Although I am delighted for my daughter and relieved as a parent I am interested with the parallel with the workplace. The obvious links are with the recruitment process. How much better to welcome in a new employee through the interview preparation and then through their notice period by social networking. Could you get a quicker return on the salary investment and a happier new recruit who is more engaged with the company culture?

Written by greencontact

October 1, 2013 at 11:30 am