The Social Contact Centre

to a social networking way of working through the eyes of a Contact Centre manager

Early days

So my journey began with scepticism. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to use the technology and I was surrounded by teenage kids who clearly wanted to do nothing else. My honest opinion was that Facebook in particular was an incredibly destructive force – the kids were wasting their time and may as well be playing video games.

And then I had an epiphany!

I realised that I was already social networking. I’d not touched Facebook or Twitter but I always Googled any error messages I was getting on my PC, I always used TripAdvisor when booking a hotel and I always checked out the reviews on Amazon before buying anything. I’d been doing it for years and I just hadn’t labelled it correctly.

From about 2008 I just waded in. I talked to my children about it to understand more about how they used it – one of my proudest moments was persuading my eldest daughter to start blogging and twittering. At first it was bewildering. There are hundreds of social networking sites – the New Lenses of Wealth infographic is well out of date but makes the point – and I tried some which just didn’t work for me. I also discovered that Twitter really did and I soon developed a very clear objective for my own Twitter presence – local networking. I started by following everyone and doing the rounds of celebrities. I realised that I have no interest in a celebrity unless they can educate me or make me laugh so I unfollowed most of them. I settled on following only local businesses and people and unfollowing them if they didn’t follow me back. I figured that I would soon begin to build “relationships” but wasn’t sure what the nature of them would be. I began with the assumption that what worked for personal must also work for business.

And around the same time I took on responsibility for my employer’s Social Media strategy.


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