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Events as Social Media opportunities – were you at the party?

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Yesterday saw the end of the Barclays Premiership Season and what an exciting day it was. The events unfolded with twists and turns before a last gasp recovery by Manchester City to win the title. Social Media played a major role. In days gone by a scan of the crowds would have homed in on fans with radios pressed to their ears – today they can watch a live stream of the games as well as ultra quick Twitter comments on their mobile phone. I was watching the BBC Final Score programme. Just as they went to Sunderland for an update on how Manchester United were faring the pundits in the studio watching the live TV feeds got excited. In the split second it took for the commentator at Sunderland to introduce himself the crowd in the background started cheering loudly. I knew QPR must have scored without needing to listen for the update. Nothing could illustrate the phenomenon of social viewing more than yesterday’s action. For me, the use of Twitter just enhanced the situation with opinion, jokes and comments which just added to the sense of drama.

The crowd at the game are part of the social crowd along with millions of listeners, viewers and interested parties around the world. They are all also contributors to the story. Some recent research showed that 38% of people find that social media enhances their viewing of TV programmes while a similar number find it a distraction. This has fuelled the growth of co-viewing applications such as GetGlue – an application that tries to enable the easy presentation of social media feeds against keywords and hashtags around a particular programme to minimise distraction while making it easy to join the conversation. On GetGlue alone almost 73,000 people checked in to the episode of Big Bang Theory showing in the US last week. At a recent opera broadcast to cinemas around the world, the production crew established Twitter hashtags and incorporated them into the titles during the interval and after the final act. This is a growing area which can be great fun but what is it’s relevance for business?

Community Management is a challenging activity – to create the right group of followers and friends and then to engage them constructively. Co-viewing events create a perfect opportunity to do this without having to create the noise yourself.

Take the Formula One race in Barcelona – also happening yesterday. For anyone selling any form of automotive product it is a “must attend” event but it happens on a Sunday – not normal office opening times. If you are part of the elite F1 supplier group you need to make the most of the involvement to drive customers to the retail outlet. If you are not part of the event you can take advantage of the large numbers of passionate devotees who are. So how many of the community managers were open for business and seeking out new members? Of course the tone needs to be right but someone joining the debate in a constructive and informed way would be a welcome addition. Here’s what actually happened:

@MercedesBenzUK  – one tweet: “#F1 weekend! Watch Michael Schumacher explain one of the most important parts on the Silver Arrow, the steering wheel” posted before the event. @MercedesAMGF1 tweeted throughout the race and indeed throughout the weekend – but how tranferrable are the 120,000+ followers to the shop window?

@forduk – nothing

@MichelinTyres – nothing

@Pirelli_Media – lots of tweets with updates on who was on what tyre compound throughout the race. Excellent content and engagement

@Honda_UK – nothing

@RenaultSportF1 – an odd 9 tweets on raceday with none during the race itself. @renault_uk had nothing



Written by greencontact

May 14, 2012 at 11:32 am

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