The Social Contact Centre

to a social networking way of working through the eyes of a Contact Centre manager

Tentative Social steps

So we’re past the sceptical stage – Social networking is not the new CB Radio and we can all relax. We’ve all got a presence – even the crustiest of the crusty FT500 execs are dabbling with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and we’re feeling good that we’ve taken that first step. Ok, we may only have put a cryptic photo up and are treating our profile as a bit of CV but… hey we’ve done it. When people ask us in the pub what its all about we can gauge the audience and either deny all knowledge or be the instant expert.

All that means is that the laboratory is open for business and the hard work then begins to try and make it meaningful for business. Lets begin with the easy wins… millions of people in the UK choose to give hours of their time sharing, advising, tweeting and blogging. Some of these millions are our colleagues, employees, suppliers and customers. They don’t become completely different people the moment they come through the door at work. Wouldn’t it make sense to create a network which harnessed this energy for your business to make better products, better offers, and a better working environment?

And all these millions are commenting about your people, your brands, your offers and promotions and about you. Many organisations spend huge sums of money on focus groups, market research, PR, and press clippings. The very least you should do is listen to what’s out there for free.

And, while we’re on the subject of PR, the old model had PR mandarins who have built careers on their little black book of contacts in your industry. Movers and shakers have become movers and shakers by their track record and by getting noticed for what they have done. Many will be part of the millions who are happy to share and to listen through Twitter and blogs. It would probably make sense to know who they are and to try and spot the new voices who are rocketing ahead through the new media.

You’ve already broken the first barriers. Don’t be shy. The first steps to making social meaningful are in understanding the landscape.


Written by greencontact

March 22, 2012 at 1:44 pm

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